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Samuel Kaiser is a British creative and innovative fashion designer with good technical skills and always developing thoughtful ways of solving problems. 

He works with a wide range of reusable materials inline with the concept of waste minimization and pollution prevention.

He’s worked with MBE Errol Douglas as well and dressed all Finalists of 2017 Black Hair and Beauty. The Polarity show featured in January 2018 Black Hair and Beauty magazine. 

He launched Gveny limited in January 2018. 

In the same year he closed the Avant-garde Fashion Studio show in Paris Fashion Week featuring Isabel Krintensen and  Kentaro Kameyama, winner of Project Runway season 16.


“My mission as a dressmaker is to create beautiful art and fashionable outfits that defy their source. 

I evoke beauty and sculptural qualities out of chaotic conditions. 

My targeted audiance is the eco friendly people living a ‘Zero waste’ lifestyle.” - Says Samuel Kaiser 

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